COLLECTION OF PAPERS OF ETHNOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, Volume 30: Religion, Religiosity and Contemporary Culture. From Mystical to (I)rational and vice versa*


Editor in chief:

Drаgаnа Rаdojičić



Aleksandra Pavićević


International editorial board:

Radost Ivanova,

Elephterios Alexakis,

Jana Pospíšilová,

Karl Kaser,

Gabriela Kiliánová,
Milica Bakić-Hayden,

Ingrid Slavec-Gradišnik,

Marina Martynova,

Fernando Diego Del Vecchio,

Kjell Magnusson,

Tatiana Podolinska,

Peter Finke;


Editorial board:

Gojko Subotić,

Sofijа Milorаdović,

Jelenа Čvorović,

Srđan Radović,

Aleksаndrа Pаvićević,

Lаdа Stevаnović,

Ildiko Erdei,

Jelena Jovanović;


The reviewers:

Mirko Blagojević,

Danijel Sinani,

Đorđina Trubarac-Matić,

Lada Stevanović,

Gordana Blagojević,

Goran Pavel Šantek,

Dušan Ivanić,

Vesna Peno;



Mаrijа Đokić


The Content of the publication was accepted at the meeting of the Editorial board of the Institute of Ethnography SASA, June 9th 2014.


Belgrade 2014


ISBN 978-86-7587-071-5



Religion, Religiosity and Contemporary Culture. From Mystical to (I)rational and vice versa


Religion in the Balkans: Between Secularization and new / old Cultural Praxes

Religion and Religious Authority in the Age of Secularism and Globalization: Some Implications for the Balkans

Religion, Identity and Cultural Changes. Serbian Society at the Beginning of Third Millennium

Becoming a New Man. Sacral Reidentification on the Neocatechumenal Way

Influence of Catechism on Life and Attitudes of Schoolchildren: Results of Inquiry Conducted in Belgrade Schools


Religion, Art and Everyday Life

Hyperbyzantine Paradox: Is it Possible / Useful to Analyze the Stylistic Aspects of Contemporary Serbian Church Painting?

Materiality and Modernity in Greek Religious Discourses and Practices: from Bodies to Icons

The Usage of Objects with Christian Symbolic in Everyday Life in Serbia


Historical and Contemporary Forms of Confessional Identity Praxes

Confesional, Social and Cultural Aspects of Russian Migrations in Boka Kotorska. The Russian Cemetery and the Spiritual Union

Invisible Borders. Christian-Neopagan Syncretism in Hungary


Excursion to Christian Anthropology

Contributions for Christian Anthropology. Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović


Religion, Literature, Folklor

Holiday Greetings – From Religious Context to Secular Custom

The Bell as a Folklore Motive in Serbian Poetry of the
Late 19th and Early 20th Century

᾽Εις ὄρος! Mountain and Maenadism in Euripides’ Bacchae



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